Another Glee RP, reopened! Season 2 ReDo.

Another Glee RP

Interested in joining us? Check the available characters or create an OC. To apply, simply drop us a line and create an account. No application necessary. Happy RPing!

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Sue Sylvester Shuffle

GLEE ROLE PLAY. We need love interests for our OC’s as well as a few of our Canon characters, Female OC’s are closed for now. 

This RP is pretty open ended, Fanon and Canon couples are acceptable. This RP doesn’t really follow a lot of the newer season two episodes, it stuck with it till about the Super Bowl episode and than branched off into it’s own thing though we do take storylines from current episodes and work with them as well. Also any type drama is okay here. Just make it interesting for everyone :) Current ships are: Klaine, Finchel, Quam and JSquared(OC)

Rules are just basic stuff

1. Stay in Character

2. try to be active at least a few times a week, if you aren’t active in five days than I will replace you.

3. We have had trouble in the past where people would make accounts and than never log on so if you want a character, please actually RP.

Origional characters


  • Jesse St. James
  • Wes
  • Mike Chang
  • Lauren Zizes
  • David____
  • Trent___
  • Holly Holiday
  • Sunshine
  • Figgins
  • Bryan Ryan
  • Terry Shuester

+ any other character you can think of that is not on this list.


please contact If interested.

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